Receive EnergyMan's Top 10 Tips to Reduce Energy CostsEnergyMan, LLC offers: Complete commercial energy audits, Utility bill and energy utilization analysis, Building and equipment analysis, Energy reduction action plans, and Energy Management Services. We are a practical alternative to Performance Contracting.

Complete Energy Audits

  • Observe operation of all energy using equipment
  • Critical energy data will be observed and recorded
  • Pictures and graphs will be used wherever possible to further illustrate the ECMs (energy conservation measures)

em left Scheduling your way to Energy Savings (Part 1)

em middle Scheduling your way to Energy Savings (Part 1)

Building, Equipment and Utility Usage Analysis

  • Develop usage trend charts for all fuels
  • Energy intensity will be calculated and compared to normal values
  • Data will be trended to observe any abnormalities

Energy Reduction Action Plans

  • Detailed energy reduction action plan
  • Cost and savings associated with each action
  • Prioritized list of ECMs starting with low-cost or no-cost solution plans
  • Capital recommendations
  • Rebate and funding assistance
  • Utility bill reduction
  • Contract energy management services

em right Scheduling your way to Energy Savings (Part 1)

Photos of some of our client’s facilities

Conserving Energy Saves Money!